Join us for our Annual Fall Membership Retreat. You don’t have to be a member to attend: Professional friends are also welcome! Potluck brunch from 10:00 am to 3:00pm, September 17, 2017. This year we will be in North Oakland, at the home of Dr. Carla Haimowitz: 5108 Manila Ave. Oakland, CA. 94618-1020.

Reviews of previous retreats:
“Attending the NCGPS Fall Retreat as the only new member gave me a unique role in a group of truly welcoming others. As an introvert entering into such an experience, I might have been more the observer than the participant had it not been for the fairly irresistible invitations to connect with members over luscious fruit drinks! After introductions, I found that I had a small but firm foundation for further interesting conversation with each member I was fortunate enough to meet. I loved hearing about others’ present directions, how it related to tidbits of biography, and desires for the future. By the time we broke for lunch, we had agreed to form small groups that focused on a variety of topics.  I was amazed that we were capable of so much serious engagement following a truly sumptuous potluck.  Much appreciation was expressed for dynamic content presented by each group. I witnessed much creativity and open-hearted collaboration. The day ended on an unexpected high note (no pun intended) when Geri Alpert suggested that we sing! Some provided harmony and, by the time we sang the final notes, the retreat came to a sweet close.”
— Shira Marin, PhD, LMFT

“We began feasting on bagels and sneaking sweet treats as soon as we arrived, sipping beverages to wake us up! Gathering in a warm, friendly kitchen, we caught up with one another after the months that had passed since late spring at Asilomar. Reluctantly herded into a living room circle, we began by introducing and reintroducing ourselves. It was lovely to greet old friends and even more wonderful to welcome some new persons to the group. Geri Alpert helped us mix it up by introducing a “speed dating” to our process as a quick, fun way to get to know one another.  It was lively, fun, depthful and gave me a new tool for opening up a new group.  The lunch break proved that group therapists are also great cooks, so I loaded up my plate with lovely healthful food and had some enjoyable conversations.  Later on in the day we discussed mentoring, political activism, and social media.  In truth my ‘day off’ was well spent.”
— Cheryl Krauter, LMFT

“By all measureable criteria, the recent retreat was a great success. Many new ideas were explored, some excellent action plans were proposed, and some follow up activities are already in progress. But even more important to me was its successfulness, as always, on criteria that are less easy to measure: the friendly, “getting to know you” chats with newcomers, the warm hugs and “catching up” with old friends, and the predictably good food for the morning coffee and the potluck lunch.
— Geri Alpert, PhD

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