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Faculty Appointments

The following is a listing, by school, of those members who have faculty appointments at medical schools, professional schools or other teaching institutions. This information is provided for those who may be seeking consultation, supervision, or training from colleagues who are experienced in these roles.

Alliant International University

Ronald Fox, Adjunct Faculty

Cabrini University

Latoyia Griffin-Piper, Adjunct Faculty

California Institute of Integral Studies

Peter Bernhardt, Adjunct Faculty
Kitty Chelton, Adjunct Faculty
Lois Friedlander, MFT, CGP, NCGPS Board Member
Sylvia Israel, Adjunct Faculty

California School of Professional Psychology

Geraldine Alpert, Adjunct Faculty

California State University, Sacramento

Daisy Reese, Adjunct Faculty

Golden Gate University/MBA/Psych

Sharon Mulgrew, Adjunct Faculty

JFK University

Peter Bernhardt, Adjunct Faculty
Andrew Condey, Adjunct Faculty
Ronald Fox, Adjunct Faculty
Cheryl Krauter, Adjunct Faculty
Andrew Pojman, Adjunct Faculty
Alice Sklar, Adjunct Faculty

Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute

Regina Armas, Ph.D., Associate Clinical Professor

Professional School of Psychology

Haim Weinberg, Senior tutor

Psychotherapy Institute

Alison Trules, Group Psychotherapy Training Program

San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group

San Mateo County Psychiatry Residency Training Program

Santa Clara University

Logan Thunder, Clinical Instructor

Stanford University School of Medicine

Ildiko Gábor, MFT, CGP, Adjunct Faculty
Judith Simon, Adjunct Faculty

TPI Group Therapy Training Program

The Psychotherapy Insititute, Berkeley

Ann Steiner, Clinical Consultant to Group Therapy Program

The Psychotherapy Institute

Rose Phelps, Adjunct Faculty

The Psychotherapy Institute, Group Therapy Training Program

Jamie Moran, Adjunct Faculty

UC Davis, School of Medicine

Mitchel Adler, Assistant Clinical Professor
Arthur Baum, Assistant Clinical Professor
Peter Cole, Assistant Clinical Professor
Paul D. Cox, Associate Clinical Professor
Martha Gilmore, Clinical Professor

UCSF School of Medicine

Geraldine Alpert, Associate Clinical Professor
Erica Anderson, Adjunct Faculty
Regina Armas, Ph.D., Associate Clinical Professor
Colleen Brent, Associate Clinical Professor
Connie Concannon, Assistant Clinical Professor
Elaine Cooper, Clinical Professor
Lois Friedlander, MFT, CGP, Assistant Clinical Professor
Ildiko Gábor, MFT, CGP, Adjunct Faculty
Laura Kasper, Associate Clinical Professor
Art Raisman, Assistant Clinical Professor
John Rochios, Assistant Clinical Professor
John Roumasset, Assistant Clinical Professor
Ann Steiner, Former Associate Clinical Professor
Esther Stone, Associate Clinical Professor
Katherine Straznickas, Assistant Clinical Professor
Dennis Zeitlin, Clinical Professor

Widener University

Latoyia Griffin-Piper, Adjunct Faculty

Wright Institute

Bob Aude, Supervisor
Andrew Condey, Adjunct Faculty
Elizabeth Krainer, Adjunct Faculty
Roger Lake, Adjunct Faculty
Andrew Pojman, Adjunct Faculty
Debbie Vuong, Adjunct Faculty
Haim Weinberg, Adjunct Faculty
Lynn Winsten, Adjunct Faculty