Our community meetings started as a request from our members at our 2018 Membership retreat. We made a commitment to meet quarterly, at varied locations throughout the large area our Affiliate geographically covers. Throughout 2019 we met in Berkeley, San Rafael, San Mateo, and in Davis.

In this emerging experiment we found that it is meaningful for us to come together as community members and share our personal experiences and our shared interest in group therapy. We learned that it is important for us to listen to each other, voice our needs and interests and enjoy each others company. At each meeting members found it valuable to sit in a circle, socializing with intentionality, sharing our here-and-now experiences, listening to and attending to each other.

I believe that the community members present at these meetings have helped shape the future of our organization and our common vision. I felt humbled and empowered as I was attending each of these meetings, listening to my fellow members, appreciating the importance that the organization’s leadership travels to the Affiliate’s different geographical hubs.

Our Board is making a commitment to meet three times next year:
January, 2020 in Berkeley
April, 2020 on the Peninsula
September, 2020 in Davis.

Exact dates TBD.

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