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Cost is $20.00 per person.

Group Flight phase dynamics: a systems exploration of theory and experience
January 13, 2018, 10 to 12:30
Peter Berhnhardt, LMFT
San Francisco near Valencia & 23rd

We will form an experiential group using functional subgrouping, then look back at our work to identify driving and restraining forces toward reaching our goals.

Living human systems are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Flight phase dynamics arise in the beginning of a new group, when membership changes, or when new material arises that challenges the status quo.

How we build a group in a flight phase sets the norms for what will follow. The flight phase is characterized by anxiety on the one hand, and curiosity on the other.  Defenses against the unknown, such as social defenses, intellectualization, anxious speculations about the future and mind reading others, all keep a group in “flight”.

Explore ‘explaining’ by teaching a group how to undo anxiety, group members increase reality testing and free up curiosity. We will look into the theory of phases of group development

Peter Bernhardt, MFT has studied with Yvonne Agazarian and Susan Gantt in Systems Centered Training since 1998. He has taught group dynamics at CIIS and JFK University and leads men’s groups in San Francisco and Albany CA.

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Fee: $20 per person, per event. (Space is limited; sign up early!)

For additional information, please contact: Laura Kasper, PhD
or Lois Friedlander, MFT

Mastering the Financial Dimension of Your Practice
February 25, 2018
Peter Cole, MSW, CGP and Daisy Reese MSW, CGP

Mastering the Financial Dimension of Your Psychotherapy Practice addresses the clinical and financial challenges of establishing and maintaining a successful private practice. Peter and Daisy will explore the life cycle of the modern therapy practice.

Peter Cole, LCSW and Daisy Reese, LCSW founded the Sierra Institute for Contemporary Gestalt Therapy in 1992.  They train and consult with therapists in Northern California and across the U.S.


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