Saturday, November 10, 2018  |  12:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST

Do you have unresolved issues from your family of origin that you would like to explore? Are these issues getting in the way of your progress in work or relationships

Growing into adulthood and even having families of our own, does not necessarily mean we have differentiated from our families of origin. Many of us still feel the burden of painful introjects from our families that influence our relationships with our co-workers, friends, partners and children. To make matters even more difficult, many of these influential people from our past, are no longer living, unavailable for contact, or have changed so much that the parent we grew up with, bears little resemblance to the person we know today.

The use of psychodramatic techniques, with fellow participants acting as members of each others’ families, is a powerful way to recreate the past, and elicit and work through our buried feelings from childhood.
In this intensive group which is both safe and challenging, members can begin to unravel their childhood conditioning, and reconnect with deeper parts of themselves. Compassion and wisdom can begin to replace the blame and shame that has been held, for less than optimal childhood experiences.

Judye Hess, PhD, Professor Emerita, from California Institute of Integral Studies, was a core faculty member of the Integral Counseling Psychology program of the California Institute of Integral Studies for 30+ years where she taught Family Dynamics and Therapy, Couples Counseling and Group Dynamics. She has maintained a private practice in Berkeley where she focuses on seeing families and couples, and leading groups.

Fee: $20 per person, per event. (Space is limited; sign up early!)

For additional information, please contact:

Laura Kasper, PhD or Lois Friedlander, MFT 

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